About Me  

Hi, I'm Auriane. I'm a writer and an artist. My first book, Rebound, is thinly veiled as a sex and dating memoir, but explores the all-too-common relationship between young women, love and alcoholism. But don't worry, it's, like, funny, too. I have shared several of the stories from Rebound here, on my site, and you can purchase the book HERE

















Currently I reside in sunny Los Angeles, but I have collected stories from my previous hometowns of Chicago, Nashville and my favorite--Baltimore. Being from Baltimore and spending so much time living in the South has made me a hybrid storyteller. The grit of my hometown makes me a lover and collector of trash. The emphasis on sharing stories in the South has made me prolific. I am relentless in my depictions of the filth I love. 


My site is probably NSFW, and if you're easily offended, you've come to the wrong place. Either way, welcome. I have been told that I make Tucker Max look like a pussy (and ew, he's SO rapey, right?) and I'd like to think--if she were alive today-- that Flannery O'Connor and I would get a kick out of discussing our favorite grotesqueries. I cherish the truth, and spare no one in my details. Of course, I don't want to be sued, so names have often been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. 


Please feel free to comment on anything, or email me directly. I try to respond to everyone. Especially if you're a Stoli Vodka rep. Seriously. Email me. 

Welcome to my world.  

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