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This Woman is a Glittery Badass.

I don't know her name, but I know this woman is AN INSPIRATION...

We met in a Bed Bath and Beyond here in Southern California. Of course I approached her after I noticed her bedazzled eye-patch. Let's say that once more: BEDAZZLED EYE-PATCH. I was so...moved. And I'm not being sarcastic, here. This woman is an idol.

I do feel a little bad, because I told a white lie in order to snap her picture. I explained that my little sister (who doesn't actually exist) had sustained a nasty eye-injury (which clearly also doesn't exist) and was being a real brat about wearing her eye-patch (which, duh, also doesn't exist in real life). I explained that the lady's sweet bejeweled eye-wear might inspire said (non-existent) bratty sister, and FLASHBUBLBS! A STAR WAS BORN.

Anyway I hope this woman inspires you as much as she inspires me. Here's to taking an unfortunate injury and turning it ito sparkly badassery. Also, as an aside? Her hair, nails and lipstick are on point.

Should you feel like creating your own Holiday eyepatch, or perhaps bedazzling some other injured part of your body, the woman explained that she got all of her supplies at Michael's Crafts. Happy Holidays!

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